Bright Water Survey

We want to know what you already know about this special area, what you would like to know more about and if you would like to get involved. You can do this by completing our very short survey here:

Bright Water Wanders

Come along and enjoy guided walks with the Discover Bright Water team. Short local walks to explore the natural environment, local heritage and history around the Bright Water area.
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Bright Water is the landscape around the River Skerne and its tributaries in North East England. The name Skerne derives from the Old Norse “skirr” meaning ‘bright and clear’, a reference to the effect of sunlight dancing on what was once a vast wetland area.


Learn more about the river Skerne and Bright Water area.

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Family and local historians

We need you! Please share your interesting research and photographs with us to help through light on our little known heritage.

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