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Guest Speakers


As a part of the Development Phase of the Bright Water project we have two guest speakers available to talk to your group, club or community gathering and provide you with more information about the project. You will also give you the opportunity to find out how you can directly participate in some of the exciting projects that will begin in 2018 to unveil the hidden gem that is the Bright Water area.

Aimée Nicholson is the Bright Water development officer who will be working with a variety of community groups and individuals from the autumn of 2016 through to the summer of 2017. She has a background of working in the natural environment, education and with local interest groups.

Aimée will be delighted to provide your group with an overview of the Bright Water’s natural, built and cultural heritage, outline how you can get involved and discuss any ideas you might like to follow up for yourselves. She can also arrange introductions to some of the specialist experts associated with our project if you have a particular area of interest that you would like to explore.

Aimée is happy to come and talk to you at your own venue or, if you prefer, can lead you on a guided ‘walk and talk’ at a number of locations in our area.

Paul Frodsham is an experienced archaeologist of over 25 years specialising in the archaeology of the North of England. He has published a number of books and academic papers and been involved in the development of several Village Atlas projects and local community digs. Paul’s talks, unsurprisingly will focus on Bright Water’s 10,000 year history of settlement and, in particular, its extraordinary role in the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

He will provide a round-up of those Bright Water projects that will be working to reveal and celebrate our history and of how you can become involved.

Paul will also be consulting local groups on our idea of creating a Bright Water Eco Museum. His talks will be of particular interest to local history societies and to those who are interested in participating in community archaeological digs.

To book your Bright Water speaker for the period September 2016 to June 2017, contact Aimée by one of the following methods.